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Nautical Teak Umbrella by TUUCI

TUUCI Nautical Teak Umbrella The innovative design of the new Ocean Master Max Nautical Teak umbrella by TUUCI draws inspiration from classic and modern sailing architecture and details! With it’s one-of-a-kind features, the Ocean Master Max Nautical Teak umbrella sets a new standard for teak umbrellas. Read on to learn more!

The unique reinforced mast, sports an aluminum spine; which adds strength to the umbrella! Further, it also allows the integration of an internal telescoping crank lift system. This is something never before achieved in a teak umbrella.

The Ocean Master Max Nautical Teak umbrella features responsibly harvested and expertly cured teak of the highest grade.

Teak will gracefully develop a gray patina over the long life of the product. Additionally, teak has the necessary oils to protect from dry rot and splintering, which is key in any outdoor environment. (No one wants splinters, when they sit down 😉)

TUUCi sources the natural teak for each umbrella, and uses it throughout the hubs, ribs and struts. Combined with polished metal elements the teak adds an elegance to this new umbrella, while also giving a nod to TUUCI’s aluminum roots.


The Aluma-CORE mast enables TUUCI’s proprietary gear system and telescoping mast. Further, the mast features a crank, which provides an easy open to close, and the telescoping elements allow for unobstructed closure over the furniture below. This innovative core reflects in external chassis reinforcements clad in polished yachting grade 316 stainless steel alloy.


Inspired by TUUCI’s marine roots, the premium teak parasol blends the authentic beauty of natural teak hardwood, classic elements of nautical design and durability of corrosion-proof materials.


TUUCI Eclipse Cabana – Relaxation in Style

If you are anything like us, you are dreaming of warmer weather, and this week we are excited to showcase the TUUCI Eclipse Cabana! Available in a variety of  configurations the Eclipse Cabana creates a luxurious modular, outdoor open-air living room for relaxation in style.

Whether your vision is lounging by the pool or enjoying dinner with guests, the versatile TUUCI Eclipse Cabana can transform your landscape into an inviting shaded retreat.

TUUCI’s Eclipse Cabana features a Retractable Roman Shade Roof, which adds old-world romance and stylish shade to any cabana. Made with beautiful, durable, stain-resistant and fade-resistant Textilene® mesh fabric for UV protection and light filtration, the shade opens and closes easily on stainless steel cables. Choose from any of these colors to create the perfect open-air ambiance for your setting!

Available colors for Roman Shade Roof

Owing to the modular design of the TUUCI Eclipse Cabana, the possibilities of personalizing the look are almost endless! Additionally, the modular design of the cabanas means that they are not considered “permanent structures”. Therefore, they are not subject to building regulations – although we always recommend that you check with your local authorities first!

For the Eclipse Cabana, TUUCI offers a variety of modern and classic finishes to complement your outdoor space. Choose from one of the contemporary powder-coat options, or the state-of-the-art woodgrain Aluma-TEAK™ finish.

If you are worried about the outdoor conditions; don’t be! TUUCI tests all of their umbrellas and shade structures to to withstand demanding commercial wind-force standards. Additionally, TUUCI products come standard with:

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame construction
  • High performance marine-grade materials
  • Replaceable components for a lifetime of serviceability


Engineered for simplicity, the Eclipse Cabana is beautiful and built to last!!

Tuuci Plantation MAX Cantilever Umbrella

Tuuci Plantation MAX Cantilever UmbrellaWe are less than a month away from the first day of spring! This week we are featuring the bold design of the TUUCI Plantation MAX Cantilever umbrella! This oversized parasol creates a cool retreat with warm ambiance!

Featuring an ultra-strong, aluminum-milled fulcrum and telescoping mast, the canopy easily closes over tables and chairs. This oversized parasol is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a maximum of 170 square feet of uninterrupted shade, making it perfect for any sun drenched environment!

Ideal for both contemporary and traditional spaces, the TUUCI Plantation MAX Cantilever umbrella features TUUCI’s Aluma-TEAK™ finish. This natural feel of a hardwood finish combined with the durability of TUUCI’s Armor-Wall Aluminum construction results in a structure resistant to seaside corrosion.

Available in a variety of colors, courtesy of the Sunbrella fabrics offered by TUUCI, this umbrella is quite simply the ultimate structure to hover between sky and surface!

For more information on patio furniture or umbrellas, check back soon as we feature yet another great selection by our manufacturers!



TUUCI – a journey to unusual locations!

TUUCI journeys to unusual locationThis week, as we are featuring the umbrella collection from TUUCI, join us on a journey to some unusual locations!

When you think of parasols, images of gorgeous pool areas or beautifully shaded loungers on the beach come to mind. What you may not think of, is the desolate and harsh landscape of Greenland, the shallow estuaries of the Everglades or a shipwreck in the Bahamas!

But the team at TUUCI continues to break tradition both in design and engineering, so they traveled to those places! To highlight the versatility and durability of their product, the team took on unique challenges at each location!

Click here for a behind the scenes look at how the TUUCI team tackled the journey to unusual locations!