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News from our factories


Unleash your inner artist! 

Bauscher Hepp's newest decoration on their Purity Noble China is Watercolor. It is a small collection that makes a powerful statement! 

Like drops of watercolor on a pristine sheet of paper, painterly shades of blue pop against a bone-white background. The cool hue is perfect for a signature dish.



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Did you know?

Sammic has an immersion blender called the TRX-22 that can blend in containers up to 130gal?

  It’s ideal for mixing and liquefying directly in kettles, pots, or pans for making soups, dressings, even hummus.

  • It has a 24” blending arm to fit in any type of cooking pot, where round or rectangular
  • Built-in timer so operators can leave the machine running for up to 60 minutes without user involvement
  • 3 easily interchangeable attachments
  • 21D – for fibrous ingredients
  • 30D – COMES STANDARD multi-use attachment
  • 42D for very fine blending

Click on the image below to watch a video on just how easily the shredding discs attach.