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News from our factories


Make Some Waves

Halloween isn’t until next month, but we’re already craving cooler weather and pumpkin carving. Waves from Tafelstern gives off all sorts of those spooky seasonal vibes. Swirls of color in smoky grey and warm copper surround the outer edge of the coupe plates, bowls, and platters. The dark background and organic patterns direct the eye and frames food beautifully for the chef looking for something wholly unique. To dress your tabletop, try some pieces from the Wave collection. 


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Let us introduce you to the ALL NEW SH-2 and SH-3 “Detachable” Shredding Discs from Sammic. 

  • This amazing (patent pending) design was born from a customer’s requirement to rid them of the small unsanitary screws that can be problematic to clean. 
  • Sammic is the only one on the market with this new screwless design.
  • A chain operators’ best friend, these discs help you tell the story of what makes Sammic different and a cut above the competition

Click on the image below to watch a video on just how easily the shredding discs attach.