Top 3 Products for Facility Safety this Winter

Top 3 Products for Facility Safety this Winter

The holidays and winter season is quickly approaching and we are always thinking about safety – from COVID-19, to cold & flu, to slip & fall prevention. That is why we are so thrilled that our factory partner NYCO offers the 3 products highlighted below to keep your facility safe and protected – especially during the cold season!

Trax Buster Ice Melt Film Dissolver

3 Products for Facility Safety

Trax-Buster is your go-to ice melt film dissolver to keep floors protected from caustic ice melt that gets tracked into your facility. Trax-Buster is in high demand, so now is a great time to stock up, before the winter brings in slush and snow.

Trax Buster has the following benefits:

  • neutralizes harmful ice melt residue
  • prolongs the life/beauty of hard floors and carpets
  • neutralizes salt residue on wood, concrete, metal and hydraulic lines


Sani-Spritz Spray – Effective in JUST 3 MINUTES!

3 Products for Facility Safety The Sani Spritz RTU kills the virus that causes COVID-19 in just three minutes! Additionally, the Influenza A virus that causes the flu, succumbs to this spray in just one minute! Shorter kill time means faster cleaning when performing disinfecting procedures. So, keep your facility and the people in it safe this winter with the Sani Spritz Spray RTU.

Sani-Spritz Spray is also approved for use on hard surfaces against emerging viral pathogens




Alco-Gel Plus Hand Sanitizer

3 Products for Facility Safety

Alco-Gel Plus Hand Sanitizer is able to kill 99.99% of common illness-causing germs. It is sold in 4×1 cases with 2 convenient hand pumps. You can conveniently place the Alco-Gel Plus anywhere in your facility with the hands-free automatic dispenser and dispenser stand. If you prefer, you can simply place it on the free-standing gallon dispenser stand. Alco-Gel Plus contains 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, as recommended by the FDA.







If you have any questions on these top 3 products for facility safety, please let us know!

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